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Breakthrough to Excellence

Next Generation Leadership

We as a technology company, our mission is based on three fundamental principles: innovation, quality and high technology. We invest a large amount of resources in maintaining the front and back front systems. Our main objective is to provide the basic programs and programs for investment companies and brokerage firms all over the world.

We have adopted the latest technologies and international standards to develop our General Trader platform.

General Trader is a comprehensive platform with all its components for back office and client terminals, servers dedicated to market makers, clearing houses, brokerage firms and trading rooms.

We have used more than ten languages ​​and tools to develop the front end of the trading and communication content, and to present it as a single package called General Trader. The product ensures flexibility, reliability and security, and has shown excellent availability in all versions.


Precision and performance

A celebration of success

Our rapid development and customization, which provide professionalism and support to trading systems, create a solid platform for real partnerships that allow companies to grow and thrive.<br /> The company's team provides a dynamic and highly dynamic business environment where the best ideas prevail. The company and its customers are constantly looking for innovative products, marketing, technology and liquidity ideas to help them compete better. If this environment is convincing and consistent with your skill set and experience