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Personalized landing pages

We have designed this service specifically for businesses wanting to go that extra step for their visitors. By using our advanced personalisation technology we are able to create landing pages tailored for each visitor based on their behaviour. This ensures your ad continuity and that your visitors always land on a relevant page.

A targeted landing page provides your visitor with ad continuity to ensure optimum positioning and eventual conversion. Dynamic content allows you to simply manage a large number of landing pages at any one time in a cost efficient way.

Always in the right

With our advanced personalisation technology

we are able to tailor your landing pages to each visitor individually based on their behavior. Our dynamic landing page service is designed to:

Increase paid marketing ROI.

Dramatically reduce cost per aquisition.

Manage 100s of landing pages in a super efficient way .

Fully manage your entire landing page solution (no IT team needed!) .

The benefit of being dynamic


A targeted page means that you can create a custom landing point for each marketing channel allowing you to manage hundreds of bespoke pages targeting hundreds of traffic segments.

Cost efficient

Our dynamic landing page system allows us to run hundreds of pages at the fraction of the cost. The integrated page management system dynamically builds, serves and optimises landing pages levergaing functional modules, designs, layours.


Landing pages that morph to each marketing banner ad, PPC adgroup, email or affiliate using a custom rule engine. The page layouts and copy variations are triggered based on traffic source, URL structure, origination keywords, location and more!


Our advanced personalisation technology integrates A/B/n split testing, which means we can continuously optimise page design, copy and call-to-actions (to name but a few!) to increase your online marketing conversion rates. Those that don't make the grade can be disposed of without cost.