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GENERAL Trader Gray White label

By adopting the GENERAL Trader platform, we have added some basics and systems to the gray label. The Gray Label user can also set the customer leverage, stop levels, margin call levels, margins, and symbol contract sizes. We recommend our partners not to take only the manager and run the Forex Broker B-book. A Gray Label user can have a different type of convention that can be defined according to user needs and capabilities. In this way, the user of the gray mark will enjoy a hybrid Forex solution easily and develop its business. A partnership agreement with a General Trader license holder will provide legal umbrella for this type of business. Naturally ,

The second great use of the gray mark is a variety of icons. Local markets have different trading trends and always need to feed data such as gold / India rupee, euro rupee / Indonesia and Singapore dollar / Vietnam dong. If you are an IB or White client, it is not easy to get these tools on the platform. But in Gray Label function, it can be done easily. Gray Label can also be used by exchange offices and jewelry shops who wish to quote local prices. The local partner can quote codes such as Euro / Pakistani Rupees and Gold / Chinese Yuan easily through the Feed Connection (on request).

In conclusion,General Trader Gray Label is not a bucket shopping tool. It is a great solution for local financial mediators and brokers who have many platform functions. You can ask for pallets and see the platform features easily. If you would like to have a user guide for the platform administrator, please feel free to fill out the form below.

What will you get if you participation to the GENERAL Trader Gray Whitelabel?

Includes the General Desktop, Mobile trader, Web Trader.

Fast Service and 24X7 Support

A full and complete training using two languages English and Arabic.

Unlimited Admin and Users, Unlimited Accounts, Contacts, Tasks, Activities & Opportunities, Import / Export data, Data statistics & reports, Calendar, Unlimited Storage, Send Emails to leads.

Unlimited Landing Pages, Manage Site Info and Strings, Manage Languages, Manage Unlimited Users to the system, Upload Unlimited templates from outsource, Get Visitors Reports and Export it.

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100% Legal and SecurePayment System.

Low Spread ,Pure ECN Platform

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Market Maker Facility.

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