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Percentage Deal General Trader

Percentage deal is intended for people who want to work in the field of Forex and have the experience of high and efficient in this area, which enable them to rise in the sky of digital markets.

It is not a condition that you have large amounts of money to own a Forex company, you can work with us in a double partnership in this area. Through a monthly subscription. We offers you all the privileges your customers need.

You can get user admin on the General Trader platform with all the features and features of the platform. Our partners in this section can also work on customer leverage, stop levels, margin call levels, margins, and symbol contract sizes.

It's a great solution for local financial intermediaries and brokers who have high management experience in this field and many platform functions. Without having the basic amount to set up their own companies. You can order platforms and view platform features easily. If you would like a user guide for the platform administrator, please feel free to fill out the form below.

What will you get if you participation to the Percentage deal Whitelabel?

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100% Legal and SecurePayment System.

Low Spread ,Pure ECN Platform

Markup spread possibility

Very Lowest Setup Fee and Service Cost.

Market Maker Facility.

One station to cover all solutions.

Higher, Faster, Stronger

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