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General Trader Platform is one of the most popular trading programs in the world
The platform is reliable, simple and innovative
Program through which you can work in the field of forex or Binary options or both
Its available Ready (Disk Top & Web Trader, Mobil Trader

Full integrated powers as if you have the mother program White Label with all powers full
A full and complete training using two languages English and Arabic

Features of the platform

  • Multi-level back office account management
  • Automatic and manual control of the platform
  • Close by Hedge/ Close All By Hedge
  • Close All Positions by one click
  • The client has the full freedom work AbooK or Bbook
  • 24/7 service
  • High speed command execution
  • Low requirements for connection speed and system capabilities.
  • Mobile application for smart mobile devices, Desktops and the web.
  • Wide range of trading instruments.
  • Keep a record of the date of the account.
  • Unconditional lever
  • Narrow differences
  • Without commissions
  • Fast and reliable execution of orders

Navigating the Future

Desktop Platform

General Desktop platform is the perfect trading solution for both new clients in the Forex world and professional traders. It provides all the tools and features necessary to analyze changes in the price of trading instruments while providing fast and reliable execution of transactions, which makes the desktop platform one of the leading platforms in the field of Forex trading. For traders who create or use automated trading systems (Expert Advisor), VTTder is a powerful trading companion.

Navigating the Future

WEP Platform

General Web Trader is easy and easy to handle by investors. It is an independent trading platform, providing easy access to online orders. Fully enabled by professional developers in the field of web programming and fully tested in all traditional web browsers through smooth online market traffic and real-time market positioning with the same security as the windows-based system. No need to download, no need to install or rely on any component, just launch your browser, whatever your operating system, then place the web platform link and log in and trade with ease.<br />

Navigating the Future

MOBILE Platform

General Trader Mobile platform is available to all investors who wish to execute buy and sell transactions in the Forex market even though there is no computer. Through General Trader Mobile platform, trading has become more flexible and responsive to the wishes of traders. So that all that is required of the investor is just download the Mobile Trader platform on the smartphone and log in to his account through his user name and password. This makes trading easy.