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White Label Solution

We offer you our company service program , White Label partner programmer developed for the companies and financial institutions intending to provide services of financial markets access under their own trademark and to quickly become a Forex broker with minimal investments. A White Label partner receives the advanced and multi functional GENERAL trading platform, together with streaming quotes for virtually any trading instrument, and customization trading terms. Besides all White Label partners get administrative tools and resources for control and management of client accounts and provide complete support to your customers.

Advantages of White Label

Branded trading platform: White Label partners geta fully branded trading platform with their own logo, program name and company details (address, website, phone numbers and email).

Technical maintenance: Our company undertakes to repair all the technical problems that the partner may face in addition to the technical support service throughout the week

Existing quote feed :A White Label partner doesn't need to worry about quotes, live streaming quotes are provided by our Company and are included in a White Label package.

Own trading terms: Every White Label partner canset their own trading terms including minimal deposit, spread, Stop Loss, Take Profit and pending order levels, margin for hedged positions, and leverage.


Why General trader White Label?

Enter the Forex Market At Low Cost

Buying a server at the initial stage is not advisable as it is very expensive. The GENERAL White Label Program will allow you to get started with optimized initial investment and provide you a quality GENERAL white label solution at a fraction of the cost, what a server would have required.

Compatibility Across Devices

All the devices such as Desktop, Mobile and Tablet support GENERAL TRADER. Hence, it makes easier for your traders to trade from anywhere using any device. It is important to allow user to access his trading account from either of devices to bring in more business.

Full Account Control

Customizing an account using GENERAL TRADER Manager is easy with its control parameters like Create/Edit Trading Account, Deposit & Withdrawal, Reports and History Management, Multiple Accounts Login at the same time and many more. User privacy and security is best in GENERAL TRADER with its reliable security system.

Liquidity Provider of Your Choice

Choose a liquidity provider of your choice, without any influence or interference from us. A liquidity provider who suits best with your trading preferences and conditions is vital for smooth business experience. Switching liquidity provider in the future is very easy with GENERAL TRADER White Label Program.

What Do You Get ?

Higher, Faster, Stronger

Why choose us

100% Legal and SecurePayment System.

Low Spread ,Pure ECN Platform

Markup spread possibility

Very Lowest Setup Fee and Service Cost.

Market Maker Facility.

One station to cover all solutions.

Higher, Faster, Stronger

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