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Our belief and ability to recognize your ability distinguished by the company SOLIRX many offers that suit you Dear customer to be able to own your company in the field of Forex.

We are very pleased to offer you a White Label and the following services:

– SOLIRX will provide its clients with the default name of the platform VETA TRADER, so that he has full powers of deposit, withdrawal and transaction modification.

Customer can also give their local or international intermediaries the ability to bring the largest amount of customers to the maximum benefit, while giving them the trading platforms of the client (Desktop Trader, Web Trader, Mobile Trader) but the same name The platform has been selected to become a brand that helps it spread rapidly.

– SOLIRX gives you full powers to work in any way you wish, whether system

A-BOOK or B-BOOK, which is the mechanism of work whether covered or not.

– It will also provide the full training and consulting necessary to professionalize its clients using its platform.

Start your company now at WWW.TRADESOPEN.COM

SOLIRX offers you technical solutions by providing professionalism, professional website that enables you to communicate with your customers quickly and attractively to connect your services to the most targeted groups to ensure your success.

It is important that the entire picture of your work reaches your customer so that it feels realistic in dealing with you and therefore your website is the main address that holds the customer’s feeling of precedence in reaching the best always.

Get your website from the developers of the platform

SOLIRX has designed many web sites for Forex Companies.

We know the specific needs of the market, so we offer you a website linked to the platform to provide your customers with all updates on the market quickly and responsibly.

For you, we develop ourselves so we offer you a website that suits all kinds’ modern browsers.

Note: You do not have to request your services from different companies, but all you need

Available from your SOLIRX platform and website you can now order them

At the same time in order to save time, effort and cost.

The website is based on the conversion rate of users to effective customers

The website does not contain any disruptive information, inappropriate Its main mission is to convert as many as possible Visitors to real customers.

What distinguishes SOLIRX from others?

Before we compare SOILRX with other companies we must first know all the services that distinguish them:

CRM :- It is a professional program to be able to manage your company and your employees through CRM enables the client to do so

AFFILIATE LANDING PAGES SYSTEM :- SOLIRX offers you professional landing pages through which the client can contract with an open number of marketing

LIVE CHAT :- Is the best way to help customers through quick chatting on your website, it's way faster than email and more efficient than phone. Do not let customers wait

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